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Combining tradition and modernity,
sustainability and simple design




Portfranc was born in Montreal in 2015. Its creation was based on the deep conviction that there still exist craftsmen and consumers who take the time to select products prioritizing meticulous know-how while combining tradition, modernity, sustainability and simple refined designs.


Our company celebrates hand-made products made with noble materials that are a far cry from mass production items. We prioritize attractive products that correspond to our social values and commitments. Our products challenge trends across several industrial revolutions.



As an exclusive importer, we minimize the supply chain between European manufacturing shops and North American consumers in order to offer fair competitive pricing.



Slow fashion

In times of programmed obsolescence and the melting Arctic region, the brands we distribute embody the hope of a fairer and more sustainable trade. We believe that unique brands and responsible consumption are the only way to achieve more balanced global markets.


A strict set of criteria have always been applied by the European manufacturers we represent in Canada and the United States. These firms are run by passionate leaders, heavily involved in the management of their employees and their attention to the smallest details. Their factories help support hundreds of families in Charente, Brittany or Burgundy, as well as England, Italy, Spain and Austria.


Social & environmental justice

We are committed to promoting local work and are very sensitive to social considerations. We are also very sensitive to current environmental issues.


Establish the first oil-free trade route
between Europe and North America

In 2016, we organized the first 21st century shipment by sail between Europe and North America. The three-masted Picton Castle reached Quebec City after sailing for more than fifty days, from La Rochelle. With this inaugural crossing, transport by sail has been revived, a method of transportation initiated by a handful of European sailors and naval architects years ago.



More than 90% of everything consumed today, on our planet, is transported by cargo. The number of ships in circulation on our planet has exploded and has risen by 400% since the 1970s. Fifteen of the largest cargo carriers currently emit as much sulfur oxide as the 1.2 billion cars circulating on our planet.


These enormous vessels use heavy fuel oil, a petroleum by-product which emits large quantities of fine particles of nitrogen oxide, and above all, sulfur oxide, one of the main factors contributing to the acidification of our rainwater which is particularly toxic to humans.

According to France’s NGO France Nature Environnement (FNE), "maritime fuel sulfur content is more than 3,000 times that of fuel used in cars and trucks". If the trend continues, greenhouse gas emissions in this sector may triple by the year 2050, a date set by the international community promoting carbon neutral initiatives.




We are therefore committed to maximizing the use of oil-free ways of transportation at sea and on the road: this logistical aspect is fundamental to us. We also encourage the brands we represent to optimize their production processes ecologically.



In the spring of 2017, our trading house will pursue its development in North America and shall penetrate the United States market. Based in New York, Portfranc USA wants to serve as a platform for the most talented European artisans and creators, but also Canadians and Quebecers, who share with us the same vision of a fairer trade.


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