Jeans AVN - Slim Fit

Jeans AVN - Slim Fit

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Selvedge Denim Fitted cut

This classic menswear, is meticulously manufactured in France at « Atelier de la Venise Normande », with a raw selvedge that comes from the famous Candiani factory in Milan. The jeans are manufactured in a historic French factory, which allows us to offer a product with quality finishes. The selvedge fabric is dyed, using indigo; a natural dye derived from the indigo plant. No chemicals are used to fix the color, as a result the real denim naturally washes out over time to create unique pieces.

We suggest you wear your jeans often and wash them with caution. Two (2) solutions are available: hand washing (with or without laundry detergent) or machine wash in a soft, cold cycle.

Atelier de la Venir Normande was born in 2013, as a result of two (2) young entrepreneurs who were determined to manufacture jeans of the highest quality in France. They wanted to revive the famous textile tradition of their home town, Pont-Audemer, in Normandy. After a successful fundraising campaign, the two (2) creators were able to relaunch production in a local factory that shutdown it's production line in 1999, after almost eighty (80) years of existence.

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